Sandy Hook

I’ll start at the northern most point of the Jersey Shore, and the beach closest to my home- Sandy Hook. It is a peninsula located in Middletown Township and an active United States Coast Guard station and still managed by the National Park Service. The Hook was discovered by Henry Hudson in the 1660s and was a vital location during the Civil War. The remnants of its history were preserved and are still visited today. Battery Potter, Battery Gunnison, Sandy Hook Lighthouse, Mount Mitchell Scenic Overlook, the Twin Lights, and Fort Hancock Historical Site are popular locations for tourists, schools, and the shore in general.  Sandy Hook is also home to the Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST), a high school specialized in marine science and engineering.

Sandy Hook is one of the most well-preserved and cleanest beaches on the Shore. You can either go to the ocean side of the peninsula and have a beautiful view of the New York skyline, or go to the bay side and watch the windsurfers and kayakers with Highlands as your backdrop.

The ocean side is split into three different beaches: North Beach, Gunnison Beach, and South Beach. You go fishing, biking, hiking, bird watching, camping, boating, museums and historical landmarks throughout the whole peninsula!

Every Wednesday evening during the summer, the Hook offers beach concerts with local bands as performers. After spending the day at the beach, you can go out to dinner at any of the Hook’s various dining locations. Because of its close proximity to Highlands and Atlantic Highlands, there is an array of dining options. Bahr’s Landing, Moby’s, Off the Hook, and Sea Gulls Nest are popular restaurants with beautiful views of the shore.

After Hurricane Sandy, the Hook remained closed for six agonizing months. Similar to most of the beaches on the shore, officials were unsure if the Hook would reopen for the summer months. The peninsula was covered in sand, the main road was cracked and covered n debris, and major buildings were submerged six feet under water. . The Hook finally reopened May 1st of this year and has attracted more visitors than any summer prior.

I spent my entire childhood going to Sandy Hook with my parents and friends. It is family oriented, environmentally friendly, and historically significant. I spent my last day of summer there just a short week ago, and I had one of the most pleasant beach visits of my life. Following the beach day with my family, we went to Moby’s for appetizers and laughs. Sandy Hook played such a significant role in my life living on the Jersey Shore and I suggest that everyone spend at least one day of their summer vacation on the Hook.


BEACH ESSENTIALS- Bathing suit, towels, umbrella, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat,

Cooler with drinks & snacks

Fishing gear– Pole, bait,

Biking gear– bicycle, sneakers, helmet, etc.

Kayak, paddles, life preserver

Binoculars for sightseeing

Beach Read: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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