Sea Bright

As you cross over the Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge, you will have a clear view of the Atlantic Ocean, you will see people of all ages walking the streets of Ocean Ave in bathing suits, and automatically feel the relaxed atmosphere of Sea Bright.

Sea Bright is home to seven private beach clubs, Sea Bright Public Beach, and two free beaches, Anchorage and Tradewinds. Sea Bright is part of Monmouth county, and is second to Sandy Hook as the most northern beach on the shore. The beautiful multi-million dollar beach houses that line Ocean Avenue are just a small component of Sea Bright’s beauty. Although traffic and parking can be a hassle, it is not as bad as the other beach towns in Jersey! The town itself is so small that you will never walk more than a mile to whichever beach you want to go to.

I spent at least three days per week at Sea Bright Public Beach. My best friends family had season passes (fairly priced too) and I would join her and her cousins during their beach days. Friends would come and go throughout the day due to its close proximity to our hometown of Middletown. We spent a lot of our time with her cousins who are 13 years old and younger, all who had a new found fascination with body boarding (also known as boogie boarding) and surfing. If you have kids who ma be interested in this stuff, this body board is perfect!

This board is perfect for both kids, teens and adults! It is 42 inches in length with a slick bottom and has a nautical look to it that makes it a must-have for the beach!

As you walk the shoreline of Sea Bright, not only will you find a plethora of kids body boarding, skim boarding, and surfing, you will also find copious amounts of volley ball nets. They are located at both the public beaches and the beach clubs, and you will almost always find a game being played. You do NOT want to go to the beach without a volley ball!

Available in FIVE different colors…. blue is my personal favorite!

Sea Bright needs funds just as much, if not more than any other town on the shore due to the destruction caused by Sandy.

The small businesses that reside on Ocean Avenue are just beginning to start serving customers again and they need all of the help that they can get. PLEASE make an effort to support our local businesses.

Sea Bright Pizza                                         The Mad Hatter                                        Andy K’s Dairy & Deli

Ama Ristorante                                        DIVE! A Coastal Bar                                   Angelicas Restaurant

Dunkin Donuts                                        Woody’s Ocean Grille                                Beach Burgers and Grille

For more info on Sea Bright, NJ:

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