Avon-by-the-Sea is considered the best kept secret on the Jersey Shore- and it definitely is! The quaint little beach town of barely 2,000 is one of the most peaceful and classiest beaches I have ever visited on the Shore. It is surrounded by Sylvan Lake, Shark River, and the Atlantic Ocean, making it one of the most unique spots of the Shore. Because of its Victorian look, it has a very old-fashion atmosphere, making your experience more private and unique. It is not a huge tourist spot, so you’ll be lucky to find out the best local restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and other hot spots!

Avon has a community tennis court and pool that gives people of all ages something to do instead of going to the beach. This aspect is unique compared to other beaches, because normally you have to be part of a private beach club to get access to this kind of luxury! Make sure you bring some tennis gear with you. I recommend this racket by Wilson- it’ll make a beginner feel like a professional!

This racket by Wilson will make any beginner feel like a professional with its wide head size and lightweight feel! Purchase this racket here!

You can’t have a racket without tennis balls! Get America’s favorite brand of tennis balls to compliment your racket here

Don’t forget to pick up a pair of goggles for the pool!

Speedo is America’s most trusted brand of swimwear and you can’t go wrong with a pair of their goggles- get them here!

After a long day at the beach, wind down with the locals at some of their favorite hot spots:

  • Avon Pavilion (referred to as Av Pav)
  • The Macaroon Shop
  • Schneiders
  • Bedrock Bistro

The boardwalk is the center of activity for this beach town , along with other local, independtly-owned shops that will never disappoint@

More info on Avon-by-the-Sea:




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