Sandy: One Year Later…

Following the devastation that Sandy caused on the Jersey Shore one year ago this week, I thought I would show readers how far the Shore has come since that fateful week and how we are rebuilding, recovering, and restoring the Jersey Shore.

Restore the Shore is one of the major fundraisers for the Shore. This logo is seen throughout the shore and is a common catchphrase for the effort itself.

Sandy cost in total over 65 BILLION DOLLARS- the second most expensive Atlantic hurricane in the history of the United States. It was so expensive due to the type of area that the storm hit- commercial areas with mostly beachfront houses worth well over one million dollars each. However, the damage still includes those who lived near the beach year-round. 24 states were affected and at least 268 people were killed throughout every region affected by the storm,

One of the most iconic images from Superstorm Sandy, this entire roller coaster in Seaside Heights, NJ sat in the water for weeks following the destruction of the boardwalk in which it sat.

I find the image of this so disturbing because the summer prior I went on this exact roller coaster. Its incredible walking around the towns that I once knew so well to see how a natural phenomenon made them almost unrecognizable

One of the many beach clubs that line the shore of Seabright. Most are in the process of rebuilding, however some were unable to reopen this past season



We were suspecting the recovery process to be long and tiring, and it is. However, the Shore is rebuilding faster than any of us could have predicted.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and President Barack Obama put aside their differences in political views to help the people of not only New Jersey, but all other areas severely affected by Sandy. this gave popularity to both politicians.

12-12-12 The Concert for Sandy Relief included performances by artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, and Alicia Keys. This attracted worldwide attention and over $30 million was raised from ticket sales alone.

I live about 10 minutes inland, and it was crazy to see the difference that those ten minutes made. My town did not have power for at least 10 days, we were out of school for more than two weeks, and friends and classmates were displaced from their homes for months. It was scary how close to home Sandy hit and the efforts my town made to help rebuild for our neighbors was inspiring. It is difficult to convey how powerful each image above is to see in person, however the love I have for not only New Jersey but the Northeast is so much stronger because of it.

Want to see more of the damage that Superstorm Sandy caused on the Shore? Check out this book published by the Shore’s premier newspaper, the Asbury Park Press.

Want to learn more about Superstorm Sandy through pictures, timelines, and personal accounts? Buy this book here!

Want to donate to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund or learn more about Superstorm Sandy itself?



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