Long Beach Island

Long Beach Island is one of the most popular beach cities on the Jersey Shore. It is a common summer vacation spot for people who live in NJ and PA

North LBI contains the beach towns of Brant Beach, Loveladies, North Beach, Holgate and Harvey Cedar. The South part of the island has the beach towns of Surf City, Ship Bottom and Beach Haven. Beach Haven is the prime spot for activity.

LBI is the most family-oriented beach on the Shore. It is common that the majority of your friends either rent a house or own a house on LBI for the summer months. The amount of shopping and restaurants makes it a popular tourist attraction, however I believe it is one of the best kept secrets by the locals.

The Chicken or the Egg (dubbed “Chegg”) is the most popular restaurant on LBI. It is open 24/7 and the food is DELICIOUS! It is one of LBI’s many favorite local spots

Some Popular “Tourist” Spots:

  • Victorian Fantasy Island Amusement Park
  •  Settler’s Mill Adventure Golf
  • Surflight Theater
  • Thundering Surf Water Park & Golf
  • Schooner’s Wharf
  • Ron Jon Surf Shop
  • Barnaget Inlet & Lighthouse
  • ANY of the fudge shops (LBI fudge is DELICIOUS)


With so many people spending their summers at LBI, the citizens are very conscious of taking care of the island and themselves. It is common to see people walking, running, or biking at all hours of the day. I spent a week down in LBI with my friends’ family this past summer and every morning we went for a 6+ mile bike ride. This bike is what brought us throughout the island.

This bicycle by Huffy will be your primary source of transportation on LBI. Beach cruisers are all over the island and if you don’t have at least two in the house, you’re either walking or running everywhere. Buy it here!


Long Beach Island is a composite of beautiful beach towns all tied by family values and simple fun. You walk a block to the beach from your house, spend the day there, go back to the house for dinner and then walk to the nearby ice cream or fudge shop for dessert. People know each other by what street they live on and the sense of community is overwhelming. If you are spending time here during the summer, I recommend at least a week. Even then you won’t get to see all the island has to offer!


Want to learn more about LBI?





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