Seaside Heights

Seaside Heights is the most well-known beach on the shore due to MTV’s television show The Jersey Shore. This attracted much attention to the family-oriented boardwalk and pier and created a lot of revenue that benefited the town for the better. However, as a local, The Jersey Shore‘s portrayal of how people from the Shore are is very inaccurate.

Seaside Heights and Seaside Park have been active since 1913 as stated in their motto. The boardwalk is the main attraction, therefore it is perfect for a fun, family-filled day. There are various stores, games, and restaurants that can accommodate parties of any kind, and I have never encountered any unpleasant staff at any place I’ve gone to.

Casino Pier and Funtown Pier are the two main attractions in Seaside. Both are mini amusement parks extending out into the ocean, and have various games and rides for kids and adults of all ages. Unfortunately, due to Sandy and a 10-alarm fire this past September, majority of the boardwalk is in shambles. One of the most iconic images from Hurricane Sandy came from Seaside- the image of Jet Star roller coaster sitting along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean after the boardwalk in which it sat got washed away by Superstorm Sandy.

However, the cities of Seaside Park, Seaside Heights, and Toms River are working as quickly and to the best of their ability to ensure the boardwalk’s reopening this upcoming summer.

Breakwater Beach is a water park that sits across from Casino Pier. Every time I go to Seaside, I go to Breakwater Beach and it is one of the nicest and cleanest water parks I have ever been to. Although it still ties in with the family-fun theme, it is a nice change of scenery from the boardwalk and the beach.

If you’re going to be going back and forth between the water park and the beach, you’re going to need a LOT of towels to dry off, especially if you’re with your family! Check out this four pack of towels by Utopia.

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Some other great local spots that you HAVE to check out while in Seaside:

  • Kohr’s Frozen Custard
  • Jimbo’s (my favorite restaurant on the entire boardwalk)
  • Seaside Clam Bar
  • The Shore Store (as seen on The Jersey Shore)

Although Seaside is very glamorized, I have created many memories there with both family and friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Seaside Park is where the Jersey Shore Relay begins every year, and I would always run the first leg. I also spent my prom weekend here with friends. I want others to create fond memories of Seaside just as I have. Not every vacation spot has to be over-the-top, and I believe Seaside is one of those places where you can have genuine, family fun.

Want to learn more about Seaside Heights and Seaside Park?


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