The Wildwoods are divided into five different beaches: Wildwood, North Wildwood, West Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, and Diamond Beach. Majority of the excitement takes place on the boardwalk, however there are different parts with different attractions such as nature sites, golf courses, amusement rides, the Convention Center, and much more!

Wildwood is considered a family resort ton, however there are still attractions for adults such as clubs, pubs, and sports bars. It is often used as a prom weekend or senior week getaway for teens, but people of all ages are welcome. It is common to stay at a hotel or motel while visiting Wildwood, but there are many people who live there for the summer or year round! When I visited Wildwood two summers ago, my friends and I stayed at a 50s-themed motel. It had a very psychedelic ambiance and made the trip that much more fun!

Morey’s Piers are prime amusement locations for people of all ages. On one of the piers, there is a waterpark as well as rides, while the other is filled with thrilling rides and one of the largest Ferris Wheel’s in NJ! The boardwalk is filled with games, shopping, restaurants of every kind, glow-in-the-dark mini golf, and a tram care that rides directly in the center of the boardwalk that brings you to anywhere you would like! You will commonly hear an automated female voice repeating, “WATCH THE TRAMCAR PLEASE,” and although it can be a nuisance, it is very convenient. And lets not forget about the beach! The water is a far walk from the boardwalk due to the makeup of the beach, but it gives everyone more room to spread out and have a secluded beach day if they chose. There are various annual events that have been held in Wildwood for decades such as monster truck rallies, the Fireman’s fair, and more.

Hot spots in Wildwood:

  • Stewart’s
  • Cattle & Clover’s Irish Steakhouse
  • Doo Wop Diner
  • Hershey’s Ice Cream Shop
  • Mack’s Pizza
  • Gilligan’s Island Mini Golf

Because the trek from the hotel to the beach is so long, you’re going to want a cooler that is light weight and efficient.

This cooler by Coleman is the epitome of efficient. It’s wheels and retractable handle make it easy to move and compact. The soft outside is both fashionable and easy to pack up, and the inside has removable liners for cleaning purposes. What more could you want? GRAB IT HERE!

Want to learn more about all that the Wildwoods have to offer?




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