Cape May

Cape May is the southern most beach on the Jersey Shore, but also one of the best. It is very unique in a sense that it is both very historical and very commercial. It is considered a National Historic Landmark due to its plethora of Victorian-style houses, as well as it’s involvement during World War II.

Cape May is primarily run by the coastguard, however the tourism is the main source of income for the town. Check out Highbee Beach & Poverty beach (voted 2nd best beach in the US in 2011), as well as the various museums, shopping centers, and aquatic activities that the Cape has to offer.

Places to visit & Things to do:

  • Washington Street Mall
  • Hawk Haven Vineyard and Winery
  • The Original Fudge Kitchen
  • Turdo Vineyards
  • Natali Vineyards
  • Cape May Winery
  • Cape May Jazz festival
  • Cape May Lighthouse

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The Wildwoods are divided into five different beaches: Wildwood, North Wildwood, West Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, and Diamond Beach. Majority of the excitement takes place on the boardwalk, however there are different parts with different attractions such as nature sites, golf courses, amusement rides, the Convention Center, and much more!

Wildwood is considered a family resort ton, however there are still attractions for adults such as clubs, pubs, and sports bars. It is often used as a prom weekend or senior week getaway for teens, but people of all ages are welcome. It is common to stay at a hotel or motel while visiting Wildwood, but there are many people who live there for the summer or year round! When I visited Wildwood two summers ago, my friends and I stayed at a 50s-themed motel. It had a very psychedelic ambiance and made the trip that much more fun!

Morey’s Piers are prime amusement locations for people of all ages. On one of the piers, there is a waterpark as well as rides, while the other is filled with thrilling rides and one of the largest Ferris Wheel’s in NJ! The boardwalk is filled with games, shopping, restaurants of every kind, glow-in-the-dark mini golf, and a tram care that rides directly in the center of the boardwalk that brings you to anywhere you would like! You will commonly hear an automated female voice repeating, “WATCH THE TRAMCAR PLEASE,” and although it can be a nuisance, it is very convenient. And lets not forget about the beach! The water is a far walk from the boardwalk due to the makeup of the beach, but it gives everyone more room to spread out and have a secluded beach day if they chose. There are various annual events that have been held in Wildwood for decades such as monster truck rallies, the Fireman’s fair, and more.

Hot spots in Wildwood:

  • Stewart’s
  • Cattle & Clover’s Irish Steakhouse
  • Doo Wop Diner
  • Hershey’s Ice Cream Shop
  • Mack’s Pizza
  • Gilligan’s Island Mini Golf

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Ocean City

Ocean City, NJ (not to be confused with Ocean City, MD) is one of New Jersey’s many family-oriented beach towns. However, this one is more popular among the Pennsylvania crowd. It has been dubbed “America’s Greatest Family Resort” by some and believed by all who go there!

If you’re looking for some genuine, quality family fun, check out any of the sites on the boardwalk. Like most Shore towns, the boardwalk is the center for all activity. You can ride the rides on Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, go to Playland’s Castaway Cove, or get spooked at the Zombie House. The amount of things for families to do are endless!

Some of the local’s favorite restaurants:

  • Manco and Manco Pizza
  • Kohr’s
  • Johnson’s Popcorn
  • Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy

Ocean City is very similar to LBI in a sense that most of the families either rent or own houses in OC for the summer or year-round. I recommend spending at least a week down there if possible to experience everything that OC has to offer (besides the beautiful beach of course).

If you have an older group of kids, or want a little more adventure in your life, there are still things to do! Go shopping at the Surf Mall or Asbury Avenue, rent jetskis on Bay Avenue, get lessons and go sailing at the Yacht Club, or hit up one of the many golf course, parks, playgrounds, and mini-golf attractions that OC has to offer.

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Atlantic City

Majority of the places on the Jersey Shore are vacation spots for families, however Atlantic City is the perfect place for adults. You can still bring the family, however the crowd is mostly 21+.

Atlantic City is known for its casinos, beaches, shopping, and boardwalk. It is known as the “Gambling Capital of the East Coast,” due to it being home to twelve major casinos. Fun fact: Atlantic City is used as the setting for the popular board game Monopoly! It is where the Miss America Pageant is held every year, and it is directly across from the southern-most point of LBI and is always lit up like a Christmas tree. Atlantic City is known worldwide for always being open and operating. It shocked the world when Governor Chris Christie CLOSED Atlantic City during Hurricane Sandy- but it was for good reason!

Some hot spots in AC:

  • The Boardwalk (It was the first boardwalk to open in the United States!)
  • One of the four piers
  • Atlantic City Convention Center
  • Lucy the Elephant
  • Absecon Light
  • Trump Taj Mahal
  • Caesers
  • Harrahs
  • Revel
  • The Tropicana
  • The Borgata

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Atlantic City is the perfect place for a weekend getaway with a group of friends, a significant other, or any type of party! Although there are some family attractions, the demographic is mainly 21+ in this eclectic resort town.

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Island Beach State Park

Need a relaxing, off-the-radar kind of day? Check out Island Beach State Park! It’s only a short drive from the Seasides and will make you feel like you’ve completely left the state.

Island Beach State Park is one of the largest undeveloped barrier island in the United States, making it a perfect location for a day-long getaway. Not only are you on the beach, but you also have easy access to the Barnaget Bay!

Island Beach State Park also has an awesome view of the Governor’s Beach House, the Barnaget Lighthouse, and Long Beach Island.

On Island Beach State Park you have the option of:

  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Picnicking
  • Horse-back riding
  • Sailing
  • Fishing
  • Surfing
  • Bird watching
  • Quadding
  • Kayaking
  • Scuba diving

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Sandy: One Year Later…

Following the devastation that Sandy caused on the Jersey Shore one year ago this week, I thought I would show readers how far the Shore has come since that fateful week and how we are rebuilding, recovering, and restoring the Jersey Shore.

Restore the Shore is one of the major fundraisers for the Shore. This logo is seen throughout the shore and is a common catchphrase for the effort itself.

Sandy cost in total over 65 BILLION DOLLARS- the second most expensive Atlantic hurricane in the history of the United States. It was so expensive due to the type of area that the storm hit- commercial areas with mostly beachfront houses worth well over one million dollars each. However, the damage still includes those who lived near the beach year-round. 24 states were affected and at least 268 people were killed throughout every region affected by the storm,

One of the most iconic images from Superstorm Sandy, this entire roller coaster in Seaside Heights, NJ sat in the water for weeks following the destruction of the boardwalk in which it sat.

I find the image of this so disturbing because the summer prior I went on this exact roller coaster. Its incredible walking around the towns that I once knew so well to see how a natural phenomenon made them almost unrecognizable

One of the many beach clubs that line the shore of Seabright. Most are in the process of rebuilding, however some were unable to reopen this past season



We were suspecting the recovery process to be long and tiring, and it is. However, the Shore is rebuilding faster than any of us could have predicted.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and President Barack Obama put aside their differences in political views to help the people of not only New Jersey, but all other areas severely affected by Sandy. this gave popularity to both politicians.

12-12-12 The Concert for Sandy Relief included performances by artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, and Alicia Keys. This attracted worldwide attention and over $30 million was raised from ticket sales alone.

I live about 10 minutes inland, and it was crazy to see the difference that those ten minutes made. My town did not have power for at least 10 days, we were out of school for more than two weeks, and friends and classmates were displaced from their homes for months. It was scary how close to home Sandy hit and the efforts my town made to help rebuild for our neighbors was inspiring. It is difficult to convey how powerful each image above is to see in person, however the love I have for not only New Jersey but the Northeast is so much stronger because of it.

Want to see more of the damage that Superstorm Sandy caused on the Shore? Check out this book published by the Shore’s premier newspaper, the Asbury Park Press.

Want to learn more about Superstorm Sandy through pictures, timelines, and personal accounts? Buy this book here!

Want to donate to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund or learn more about Superstorm Sandy itself?


Ocean Grove

ocean grove

Ocean Grove, New Jersey is directly south of Asbury Park, and is located in Neptune Township, NJ. Ocean Grove was founded as a Christian camp meeting community due to its proximity to New York City and Philadelphia. It is the first site for a tabernacle, an open-air wooden shelter. As popularity of the area increased, the town eventually built the Great Auditorium which is still used today for performances and speakers. Ocean Grove was visited by numerous presidents and was a popular religious getaway and summer town, similar to today! Ocean Grove is a State and National Historic District and is a must-see location if you’re visiting the Shore!

The Great Auditorium has been the hub of entertainment in Ocean Grove since the late 1800s. Today, it is used for musical performers, evangelists, and other popular events…a Jersey Shore must-see!!!!!

If you are not a fan of historic sites, the beach is just as beautiful as the Victorian townhouses. There are numerous Bed & Breakfast hotels, which is a perfect way to start off your morning in Ocean Grove. To make the experience more comfortable, bring your own robe and slippers!

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Overall, Ocean Grove is a quaint, historical town that is perfect for a weekend getaway for your family. There are local independently-owned stores, restaurants, and Inns that are perfect for an off-the-radar kind of weekend.



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