The Wildwoods are divided into five different beaches: Wildwood, North Wildwood, West Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, and Diamond Beach. Majority of the excitement takes place on the boardwalk, however there are different parts with different attractions such as nature sites, golf courses, amusement rides, the Convention Center, and much more!

Wildwood is considered a family resort ton, however there are still attractions for adults such as clubs, pubs, and sports bars. It is often used as a prom weekend or senior week getaway for teens, but people of all ages are welcome. It is common to stay at a hotel or motel while visiting Wildwood, but there are many people who live there for the summer or year round! When I visited Wildwood two summers ago, my friends and I stayed at a 50s-themed motel. It had a very psychedelic ambiance and made the trip that much more fun!

Morey’s Piers are prime amusement locations for people of all ages. On one of the piers, there is a waterpark as well as rides, while the other is filled with thrilling rides and one of the largest Ferris Wheel’s in NJ! The boardwalk is filled with games, shopping, restaurants of every kind, glow-in-the-dark mini golf, and a tram care that rides directly in the center of the boardwalk that brings you to anywhere you would like! You will commonly hear an automated female voice repeating, “WATCH THE TRAMCAR PLEASE,” and although it can be a nuisance, it is very convenient. And lets not forget about the beach! The water is a far walk from the boardwalk due to the makeup of the beach, but it gives everyone more room to spread out and have a secluded beach day if they chose. There are various annual events that have been held in Wildwood for decades such as monster truck rallies, the Fireman’s fair, and more.

Hot spots in Wildwood:

  • Stewart’s
  • Cattle & Clover’s Irish Steakhouse
  • Doo Wop Diner
  • Hershey’s Ice Cream Shop
  • Mack’s Pizza
  • Gilligan’s Island Mini Golf

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Ocean City

Ocean City, NJ (not to be confused with Ocean City, MD) is one of New Jersey’s many family-oriented beach towns. However, this one is more popular among the Pennsylvania crowd. It has been dubbed “America’s Greatest Family Resort” by some and believed by all who go there!

If you’re looking for some genuine, quality family fun, check out any of the sites on the boardwalk. Like most Shore towns, the boardwalk is the center for all activity. You can ride the rides on Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, go to Playland’s Castaway Cove, or get spooked at the Zombie House. The amount of things for families to do are endless!

Some of the local’s favorite restaurants:

  • Manco and Manco Pizza
  • Kohr’s
  • Johnson’s Popcorn
  • Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy

Ocean City is very similar to LBI in a sense that most of the families either rent or own houses in OC for the summer or year-round. I recommend spending at least a week down there if possible to experience everything that OC has to offer (besides the beautiful beach of course).

If you have an older group of kids, or want a little more adventure in your life, there are still things to do! Go shopping at the Surf Mall or Asbury Avenue, rent jetskis on Bay Avenue, get lessons and go sailing at the Yacht Club, or hit up one of the many golf course, parks, playgrounds, and mini-golf attractions that OC has to offer.

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Atlantic City

Majority of the places on the Jersey Shore are vacation spots for families, however Atlantic City is the perfect place for adults. You can still bring the family, however the crowd is mostly 21+.

Atlantic City is known for its casinos, beaches, shopping, and boardwalk. It is known as the “Gambling Capital of the East Coast,” due to it being home to twelve major casinos. Fun fact: Atlantic City is used as the setting for the popular board game Monopoly! It is where the Miss America Pageant is held every year, and it is directly across from the southern-most point of LBI and is always lit up like a Christmas tree. Atlantic City is known worldwide for always being open and operating. It shocked the world when Governor Chris Christie CLOSED Atlantic City during Hurricane Sandy- but it was for good reason!

Some hot spots in AC:

  • The Boardwalk (It was the first boardwalk to open in the United States!)
  • One of the four piers
  • Atlantic City Convention Center
  • Lucy the Elephant
  • Absecon Light
  • Trump Taj Mahal
  • Caesers
  • Harrahs
  • Revel
  • The Tropicana
  • The Borgata

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Atlantic City is the perfect place for a weekend getaway with a group of friends, a significant other, or any type of party! Although there are some family attractions, the demographic is mainly 21+ in this eclectic resort town.

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Seaside Heights

Seaside Heights is the most well-known beach on the shore due to MTV’s television show The Jersey Shore. This attracted much attention to the family-oriented boardwalk and pier and created a lot of revenue that benefited the town for the better. However, as a local, The Jersey Shore‘s portrayal of how people from the Shore are is very inaccurate.

Seaside Heights and Seaside Park have been active since 1913 as stated in their motto. The boardwalk is the main attraction, therefore it is perfect for a fun, family-filled day. There are various stores, games, and restaurants that can accommodate parties of any kind, and I have never encountered any unpleasant staff at any place I’ve gone to.

Casino Pier and Funtown Pier are the two main attractions in Seaside. Both are mini amusement parks extending out into the ocean, and have various games and rides for kids and adults of all ages. Unfortunately, due to Sandy and a 10-alarm fire this past September, majority of the boardwalk is in shambles. One of the most iconic images from Hurricane Sandy came from Seaside- the image of Jet Star roller coaster sitting along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean after the boardwalk in which it sat got washed away by Superstorm Sandy.

However, the cities of Seaside Park, Seaside Heights, and Toms River are working as quickly and to the best of their ability to ensure the boardwalk’s reopening this upcoming summer.

Breakwater Beach is a water park that sits across from Casino Pier. Every time I go to Seaside, I go to Breakwater Beach and it is one of the nicest and cleanest water parks I have ever been to. Although it still ties in with the family-fun theme, it is a nice change of scenery from the boardwalk and the beach.

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Some other great local spots that you HAVE to check out while in Seaside:

  • Kohr’s Frozen Custard
  • Jimbo’s (my favorite restaurant on the entire boardwalk)
  • Seaside Clam Bar
  • The Shore Store (as seen on The Jersey Shore)

Although Seaside is very glamorized, I have created many memories there with both family and friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Seaside Park is where the Jersey Shore Relay begins every year, and I would always run the first leg. I also spent my prom weekend here with friends. I want others to create fond memories of Seaside just as I have. Not every vacation spot has to be over-the-top, and I believe Seaside is one of those places where you can have genuine, family fun.

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Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant Beach is one of the most popular beach towns on the Shore because of its location, and plethora of attractions that make it appealing to visitors of all ages.

The boardwalk is perfect for everyone. There are games, restaurants, and rides that can occupy your whole day! Out of every beach on the shore, Point Pleasant is the BEST for a family vacation! You can rent a house just a few blocks from the beach, spend the day on the boardwalk with the kids, and go out at night without them! Everything is kid-friendly, clean, and safe.

Some awesome attractions that Point Pleasant has to offer:

Jenkison’s Aquarium

Jenkinson’s Aquarium is one of the only aquarium’s on the shore- and it’s one of the best too! Everything is interactive, the employees are engaging, and the sea life is too cute! I’ve been here as both a child and a teen and it was just as fun as it was when I was little!

  • Jenkinson’s Night Club- Teen nights on Thursdays
  • Martell’s Tiki Bar
  • Games and rides on the boardwalk- PERFECT FOR ANY AGE!
  • Fishing & boating
  • Jack Bakers Lobster Shanty and Wharfside- My friends and I went here for a 16th birthday dinner and they made the experience special and memorable… and the food was GREAT!

Point Pleasant is the perfect town to rent a beach house in. My best friend’s grandma has a house in Point Pleasant and her backyard is one of many lakes in the area. If you’re sic of the Atlantic Ocean (which is hard to believe), you can always check out the Manasquan River!

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Ocean Grove

ocean grove

Ocean Grove, New Jersey is directly south of Asbury Park, and is located in Neptune Township, NJ. Ocean Grove was founded as a Christian camp meeting community due to its proximity to New York City and Philadelphia. It is the first site for a tabernacle, an open-air wooden shelter. As popularity of the area increased, the town eventually built the Great Auditorium which is still used today for performances and speakers. Ocean Grove was visited by numerous presidents and was a popular religious getaway and summer town, similar to today! Ocean Grove is a State and National Historic District and is a must-see location if you’re visiting the Shore!

The Great Auditorium has been the hub of entertainment in Ocean Grove since the late 1800s. Today, it is used for musical performers, evangelists, and other popular events…a Jersey Shore must-see!!!!!

If you are not a fan of historic sites, the beach is just as beautiful as the Victorian townhouses. There are numerous Bed & Breakfast hotels, which is a perfect way to start off your morning in Ocean Grove. To make the experience more comfortable, bring your own robe and slippers!

This plush microfiber bathrobe will add comfort to the experience of waking up oceanside in the beautiful Victorian town of Ocean Grove

This plush microfiber bathrobe will add comfort to the experience of waking up oceanside in the beautiful Victorian town of Ocean Grove. Click the image to buy NOW

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Overall, Ocean Grove is a quaint, historical town that is perfect for a weekend getaway for your family. There are local independently-owned stores, restaurants, and Inns that are perfect for an off-the-radar kind of weekend.



More information on Ocean Grove? Visit:



Long Branch

Every single day of my summer during 2012 was spent at the beach in Long Branch, New Jersey. I worked at a snack bar on the boardwalk of Long Branch’s luxurious shopping center and beach- Pier Village. Majority of my ride to the beach was spent on Ocean Avenue driving through the best beaches of the Shore.

Pier Village is home to over 30 beach front restaurants and stores. Above the high-end store fronts is Melrose 55, newly built housing that has over 40 spacious condominiums available.

Parking is Long Branch’s only downfall so make sure to get there early or be willing to pay to park for the day (something the locals try to avoid doing)!

The boardwalk is almost to miles from the most northern beach-Madison Avenue Beach, to the most southern beach, West End Beach. Every morning, day, or evening, you will find locals or visitors walking, jogging, running, talking, eating, and biking up and down the perfectly paved and marked boardwalk. The best part about the boardwalk? The view of the ocean! The town even offers classes in the main promenade area!

Pier Village Promenade

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This reusable water bottle is great for exercise! You can latch it on to a bag or an article of clothing, and the rubber mouth piece makes drinking from it convenient and enjoyable. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors!


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Long Branch is also home to Monmouth University- one of New Jersey’s most prestigious universities. If you want a school that is close to the beach AND close to home- this is definitely the school for you!

During the day you can hit the beach at a fair price, go shopping at one of the many high-end store fronts, or have a lovely lunch with a view. But why stop the fun once the sun goes down? Check out Avenue & Le Club- there is a club on the roof of the venue! Not only can you spend your whole evening at one of Pier Village’s many restaurants, you can dance the night away in the moonlight. Long Branch holds beach concerts almost every night of the summer too! Check out the INFO links at the bottom of this post for more info!

Make sure to check of Long Branch’s unique restaurants while you’re visiting:

The Inkwell Coffee House                                                                                  McLoone’s Pier House

Nelly’s Grill & Pizza (Unique “FAT” Sandwiches!)                                        Sirena’s

The Wine Loft                                                                                                        Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (My favorite place BY FAR!)

Cake, Bake, and Roll                                                                                            The Turning Point

More information on…..

Long Branch: http://www.visitlongbranch.com/

Pier Village: http://www.piervillage.com/

Monmouth University: http://www.monmouth.edu/university.aspx

Looking to stay in Long Branch for the night? Check out the Ocean Place Resort & Spa: http://www.oceanplace.com/